Why Discord Over Other Platforms

Why you should use Discord over other platforms!

Now that you know What Discord Is, here's a guide laying out why using Discord is more beneficial than some of the other popular platforms & applications students tend to use.

Discord is absolutely free with ZERO limitations. Yep, that's right. Here's a look at a few comparisons:

  • With Slack, you will have a 2,000 message history limit on the FREE plan, with Discord there is no such thing as a message history limit. In fact, we have over 300,000+ messages sent in the UT Dallas Discord.

    • Lack of voice channels for calls & meetings.

  • With Microsoft Teams, you will have to formally request an actual "team" chat for your organization through the university - and have to request each year to keep it active. Privacy Notice: Data and messages stored on Microsoft Teams are open record and tied to your student record. You should expect zero privacy when using university applications. Read: Information Security & Acceptable Use - UTDBP3096. With Discord, your personal account is all yours and forever - same with your servers. You're able to create/delete your servers at any given time.

    • Lack of ability to create on your own/self.

    • Lack of moderation control and permissions.

    • Restricted to ONLY UTD-affiliated users (student & staff).

    • Data Privacy & Policies according to UTD.

  • With Zoom, you will have users join only temporary calls. This is very inefficient attempting to maintain constant communication with your members/officers or when trying to grow a community.

    • Lack of moderation control and permissions.

    • Lack of persistent voice + text channels.

  • With GroupMe, you will be limited to the very old and outdated features the app offers. For example, if you're wanting to create another topic discussion, you'll have to create a completely separate group chat with everyone else in it.

    • Lack of moderation control and permissions.

    • Lack of modern features.

    • Lack of voice calling.

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