Why Discord Over Other Platforms
Why you should use Discord over other platforms!
Now that you know What Discord Is, here's a guide laying out why using Discord is more beneficial than some of the other popular platforms & applications students tend to use.
Discord is absolutely free with ZERO limitations. Yep, that's right. Here's a look at a few comparisons:
    With Slack, you will have a 2,000 message history limit on the FREE plan, with Discord there is no such thing as a message history limit. In fact, we have over 300,000+ messages sent in the UT Dallas Discord.
      Lack of voice channels for calls & meetings.
    With Microsoft Teams, you will have to formally request an actual "team" chat for your organization through the university - and have to request each year to keep it active. Privacy Notice: Data and messages stored on Microsoft Teams are open record and tied to your student record. You should expect zero privacy when using university applications. Read: Information Security & Acceptable Use - UTDBP3096. With Discord, your personal account is all yours and forever - same with your servers. You're able to create/delete your servers at any given time.
      Lack of ability to create on your own/self.
      Lack of moderation control and permissions.
      Restricted to ONLY UTD-affiliated users (student & staff).
      Data Privacy & Policies according to UTD.
    With Zoom, you will have users join only temporary calls. This is very inefficient attempting to maintain constant communication with your members/officers or when trying to grow a community.
      Lack of moderation control and permissions.
      Lack of persistent voice + text channels.
    With GroupMe, you will be limited to the very old and outdated features the app offers. For example, if you're wanting to create another topic discussion, you'll have to create a completely separate group chat with everyone else in it.
      Lack of moderation control and permissions.
      Lack of modern features.
      Lack of voice calling.
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