Student Events Channel

Be sure to be utilizing the #student-events channel in the UT Dallas Discord!

Obtaining Access to Post to #Student-Events Channel

Are you a part of a student organization, club, group, or even university department? You should be posting your events in the #student-events channel in the UT Dallas Discord! Be sure to direct message one of the Server Admins (@EMERALD or @Erictigerawr) at to obtain the super cool @Event Coordinator role - which grants you access to posting to this channel!

Our #student-events channel serves as an "announcement channel" - which means tons of other smaller UTD Discord Servers follow that channel (which means messages sent in our channel are distributed down the pipeline to over 30+ servers). This will help you highly when marketing your event on Discord!

Rules When Using #Student-Events

  • Each student club/org/group is limited to one message per week. This means you will only be able to post and ping the @Student Events role ONE (1) time within a 7-day duration. Please do not post more than once.

  • Your event MUST be public and open to all students. We do not allow events that are exclusive to only your own club members, requires a membership fee for the event, etc. (You can keep these events in your own Discord Server).

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